pomegranite The oppressive heat and humidity of summer is really bearing down on us now in full force! The ebb and flow of the cicada’s song is nearly constant now. It’s very uncomfortable for people but most plants seem love it.

The pomegranates are blooming for the first time ever! And if we are lucky we will have three of them! Yay! Though not prolific they are fun to look at with their deep reddish-orange blooms.




Cascade Hops

Another surprise is the huge hop production out of the “cascade” variety hop that I put in a little planter along the fence back in the spring. It has really taken off right there. Many others are scattered around but they didn’t do well because of the shade.

Seasonality has really been apparent this year, more than ever before because we did not cheat at all the past year. No out of season food. No canned goods from the store.

We put up tomatoes last August and have been using only those that we canned ourselves. We ran out last week. I seriously needed a jar or two for something I wanted to make and not having it was a bummer. Then low and behold I was looking in the freezer for something else and I found three bags of frozen tomato sauce in the bottom bin! Evidently, we had run out of jars to put it in. I was soooo happy! It’s funny what little thing can make you happy.

And now the real tomatoes are showing up at the farmers market! We made it. No store bought tomatoes for an entire year! My granny would be laughing at me I’m sure, but those skills didn’t get passed along to our generation. They just figured, “What’s the point? It’s at the store.” The stuff in the store is garbage nowadays.



So the cycle will begin again.

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