New fence

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  1. Tina Ridley says:

    Hi Les! Have you looked into split units for your heat? That is how we are cooling & heating our little home & no window needed. Can find them at reasonable rate sometimes at Amazon. We installed them ourselves & had AC guy check behind us then fill it. They work from humidity so perfect for our place at coast. I’m so happy for your family & will continue to stay in touch.

  2. Vardaman says:

    Hi Tina, nice to hear from you! Are you talking about mini-splits? I would definitely utilize that system for a larger space like a house. The shop office is only 64 sq ft so the power requirements will be minimal. I also made the two exterior facing walls 6″ so they are R19 + about another inch of rigid insulation that’s about R5 plus what is already installed with the sheathing that should give me at least R24. I found an oil space heater in the shed the other day so I am going to just use that for heat since it’s already here. It’s a tiny room. I looked into retrofitting the house in ATL with mini-splits and I calculated that you could run them with solar too. It’s all about zoning the spaces instead of trying to keep an entire house one constant temperature. The SEER ratings on some of them were ridiculous! They do go up in $ a lot though. What brand did you buy?

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