A Walk In the Woods

woodsToday I walked the fence line along the back.

I know it sounds crazy that I haven’t already done it before now. It’s because the red bugs feast on me like a buffet. I didn’t have any tolerance whatsoever to them and if I even went near the woods I would be eaten alive.  Their little season has ended. Most of the thick annual brush has died off too. The spiders have packed it in also.

The woods seem pretty sparse at the moment. The fence is not in good condition. There are a lot of logs lying over it in spots. Heading toward the west from the big pond the terrain slopes down and ends up steeply at a creek that runs from the southwest to the north. The other side of the bank is really steep.

Aggie and I paralleled the creek bed heading south.

The fence was better on the west but that’s not saying very much. There is a large clearing through there and I suppose it is because it is the flood zone. As steep as it is I would imagine that it runs pretty swiftly through there in a large rain. I would say that both of our western pastures drain through that ravine. Coming up toward the pasture there was a trailer that belongs to the neighbor kind of set back in the woods. That must be pretty peaceful back there until your neighbor comes traipsing through with a big pitbull. I tried to veer to the east but Aggie didn’t have the same idea. I didn’t try to call her because she gets zoned out in the woods and does whatever she wants.

I was heading almost due east and up pretty steep country when three deer broke camp. Two went west but one went east. Aggie missed them because she was far off. She started my way when she got a whiff of the two and she spotted them. She tore out after them and I knew it was hopeless to call her.

I continued on toward the shop which I could see the back of. At some point they had dumped a pretty good bit of junk back in the ravine, mostly tractor tires a water heater and other junk. It looked bad. I hated to see that.

I pressed on through the beautyberry  stand that was waist high. My pant legs were soaked knee high. My feet were dry though, the boots did their job. I came out north of the shop and I could see the deer trail very clearly now from that direction. It seemed a lot smaller now that I had walked it. I probably ruined whatever chance I had at catching a deer coming through there. They’ll probably change it up on me now.

Aggie showed up about five minutes later huffing and puffing with here chest poked out, she looked good… like a real dog.

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