Thanksgiving 2016


Our first Thanksgiving in the Ozarks.

Late last week I got a surprise email from a local place that had turkey’s for sale. These were local farm raised turkeys that had only been processed the day before so it wasn’t even frozen, about twenty miles from home. Our turkey weighed eighteen pounds! We boned it the day before Thanksgiving and froze half of it. We made stock from the bones, which turned out to make about 10 quarts! There’s a half a hog in the freezer that we bought from just down the road a little ways. The wine we had with dinner was from a local winery that we visited recently, it was GOOD too. This is the land of plenty if you are looking for food. It’s incredible! There’s so much abundance around here you can hardly believe it.

Building the deck was the best thing even though I said that I wouldn’t do it.

I couldn’t see it working until I saw it. We had to migrate around the house because all of our tree cover disappeared with autumn. That part of the yard is sloped and it’s uncomfortable there that’s when I started thinking about a deck. It only took a couple of hours to lay out on AUTOCad. It is low to the ground and didn’t call for any beams so it was easy to build. It’s only about a foot off the ground so no handrail is really necessary. I bought the lumber locally and they delivered it for free. That’s the way to go. It took a couple of days to knock most of it out by myself. Nothing fancy. No angled decking this time. Just basics. It does have two weird angles however because of the pump house.


I ordered some trees in August

They were suppose to arrive at the beginning of the month but actually got here the day before Thanksgiving. After lunch I decided to go see how hard it would be to dig in the front yard. I thought it would be fairly easy going and it was. So on Thanksgiving we planted ten fruit trees. I dug the holes and Big Mama put down the mulch. It was enjoyable work and made Thanksgiving take on a whole different meaning, in a good way. It was nice to do something productive and not watch television or over-eat and all the usual. The sun came out and it was pretty warm. It was about dark when we finished. That was a good day. The beautiful thing about it is that everyone of those trees will leaf out in the spring and start to grow and bring a completely different aesthetic to the yard. I can’t wait to see it happen! There might even be some fruit, they are two or three year old trees. We have sun now too!


It seemed very daunting to create a design for this place but then I try to do everything at once and I’m in too much of a hurry. It takes a while to get a feel for something. You just have to sit back and let it talk to you. It can’t be rushed. It’s hard thing to stick to though. There’s a lot of possibilities here. It seems like it was once a very nice place but it’s maybe been neglected for a while. I didn’t imagine that I would welcome winter but I can see that its the time when you do those things that are impossible to do either because of the weeds or bugs or because other growing things take precedence over everything else. Nonetheless I’m thankful for finding this place or rather it finding us. four_bare_trees

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