Bad Omen

The other morning I was making breakfast and when I cracked an egg it had a double yolk. I had never seen a double yolk egg before so I notified Medicine Woman who immediately suspected that it was probably an omen of some kind. It turns out that it is an omen. A bad one. A death in the family. Needless to say, that wasn’t what we were expecting. I pretty much forgot about it after that.

Sure enough about a week later I learned that my Aunt had died right around that time. The technology broke down but nature sent the message.

My Aunt was a little bit like my mom when I was little. She had four boys and she always said that I was her fifth. We lived next door to them in the seventies. I was over there all the time even though my cousins were at least ten years older than me. I rode to school with them in the morning. I walked home in the afternoon or more commonly I walked or rode my bicycle all over the place. We lived on a dirt road and we came and went pretty much as we pleased. We were either in the woods or at the creek or somewhere in between. We meaning, me and my buddy Pee Wee. If I wasn’t with him I was following my mom’s huge Saint Bernard around in the woods. There just wasn’t anything to do inside, I never wanted to go in.

She nursed me when I had chicken pox. I remember that because I couldn’t go to the movies with my cousins to see Jaws, I think. I was there on that yellow sofa with her dabbing calamine lotion all over my face.

My Aunt C had a little poodle named Pierre. My cousin would play the piano and that dog would howl so loud it would make your ears ring. One day I was walking home from school and I found Pierre in the ditch along the side of the road. I ran to go tell my aunt the news. I flew through the garage door, I knew she would be in there, sewing probably. I told her the news and I wish I had never said it. I could tell it broke her heart. I still regret it. I was probably six years old.

Over the years I didn’t see her as much and they finally moved and I did too. I emailed her a few times and I talked to her on the phone once I recall. She lived for 80 years.


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