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Geoff Lawton PDC

Geoff Lawton has produced another amazing Permaculture Design Course which is presently ongoing. I decided to retake the course even though I went through his course in 2013. This course is completely online and is...


A tremor in the Force

So long Bill. Bill Mollison the founder of the Permaculture movement died last weekend. There is a link to a free course he taught in the nineties here.

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Back Yard It’s painful not having anything at all to harvest this time of year. We were having a good tomato crop this year back in ATL. Lots of other stuff too. Here there...



Today I was happy when I heard UPS in the driveway because I was pretty sure it would be my persimmon rootstock that I ordered from the state of Virginia’s forestry department. How cool...


Midwest Permaculture

This is an excellent interview by Jack Spirko of Survival Podcast with Bill Wilson founder of Midwest Permaculture. The interview was rather long so this is a condensed version.