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Midwest Permaculture

This is an excellent interview by Jack Spirko of Survival Podcast with Bill Wilson founder of Midwest Permaculture. The interview was rather long so this is a condensed version.


Pass it on

Today a friend and I went and harvested about twenty pounds of chestnuts. They were free. The man whose property the trees we gathered them from¬†didn’t want them, for him they were a nuisance....



Animals Nipsey looks like a bat, but he’s really a kitten. About a three weeks ago I was downtown and I saw a girl that I know who works at a store there. She...


School’s In

The school busses are rumbling through the neighborhood again. I wish I had spent the time that I wasted in school studying plants or at least learning a useful skill like gardening. The only...


Revolution of Thought

A long time ago I used to be a cameraman at a television station. When I started, I was hired to change the tapes for the program at AIB, or Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters. The...

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Blue Moon

Blue Moon Nasa just put out a youtube video about the Blue Moon, or when there are two full moons in one month. Two full moons in one month…that doesn’t make any sense. The...



My neighbor came by to look at my “landscaping” project that is in process at the moment. She is a nice older lady and even though we hadn’t met before it seemed like we...


Who was Ruth Stout?

Mulch Queen’ Ruth Stout claimed to have smashed saloons with Carry Nation in Prohibition-era Kansas and worked au natural in her roadside Connecticut garden, but her labor-saving, soil-improving, permanent garden mulching technique is what...