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Tree Repair

A huge limb fell from a poplar tree and split one of our peach trees nearly in half. To see how I repaired it check out this video!      


Free Goji Berry Seeds

If anyone would like some free goji berry seeds please subscribe. The first three subscribers will receive 10 Free goji berry seeds! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE   I trialed these seeds in October and as...

bare root trees 1

2015 season in review

What worked this year. Well, now that it’s the middle of November it’s time to take stock of what worked this season and what didn’t. At the beginning of the year I planted a...


Tamara Wolfson on TSP

The Survival Podcast featured a very interesting guest named Tamara Wolfson recently. Tamara is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, herbalist, naturalist among other things. Check out her website! I’ve only just started checking...


Oswego Tea

Here is a short video on how to make “Oswego Tea” or bee balm tea.



There is a very cool film that is about to be finished up about Joel Salatin’s farm. There’s about a ten minute trailer that is available to watch now, just follow the link above....